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Determine Outlook versions from Exchange side

Lets find out which version of Outlook our users are running prior to upgrading to Exchange 2013.

So the easy and obvious choice would be Get-LogonStatistics which has information about client and version.

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But hey what… What is that version.. Thats not office.. Whats happening..

Lets just watch a single object..

ClientMode : ExchangeServer
ClientName : testexchange
ClientVersion : 3586.0.33110.2

According to social technet it got broken with a servicepack. I have seen 3584.0.33462.0 reported. [Read more…]

The Banner script

I wanted just to make a lousy banner for the image. But just using the banner command on a *nix workstation seemed a bit to boring. So I started writing a basic Write-Banner command. You can input text and just for show I also added foregroundcolor and backgroundcolor support.

I have uploaded the script to the Technet Galleries. Please download the script from: Technet Galleries Download

[Read more…]