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I tried to create a reverse zone and all I got was this error message

So you read my earlier blog entry about creating reverse zones, and tried to create a the 0, 127 or 255 zone. If you tired to create one of those zones on a Windows DNS server you should get the following error message “The zone cannot be created. The zone already exists.”
The zone already exists

So whats up I don’t the see the zone but its there? Microsoft has made sure that all DNS servers will create those zones in the background unless a registry change is made. To be able to see these zones you need to enable their display. [Read more…]

Don’t talk to the prisoner

I know that it sounds like a bad line from a movie, but it is really a valid point in computing too. So which prisoner am I speaking of? Lets see if you can guess, so your options are:

  • The Beagle Boys, you know from Donald Duck.
  •, one of the servers that blackholes bad DNS queries.
  • Al Capone, the famous gangster.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi, political prisoner of Burma.

Well even if I think most of these prisoners are interesting today my plan is to write about

Why and how we can avoid it. [Read more…]

Manually remove Direct Access from a client

So why would I even want to do this, isn’t Direct Access is great?

Well yes, when Direct Access is working it is great, unless you are using Citrix without a Citrix Secure Gateway. So why is it good to know how to manually remove the Direct Access from a client. I ran in to a problem last week, when changing the Network Location server location some clients got stuck. The NLS server was changed but the NRPT didnt get the change before triggering the Direct Access connection. AND to make things worse had the customer had problems that stopped the clients from connecting through Direct Access from the inside.

So there I was, when a client refreshed the Direct Access GPO it stopped working. So we disabled the GPO, that stopped new clients getting in to this dark place that is broken Direct Access. [Read more…]