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The wierd lowercase NETBIOS name

I got a call from an associate on how to change a domains NetBIOS name from lower to upper case. At first I was stumped, Was I the one that was out of date. In my head an NetBIOS name is always in uppercase, the same as a FQDN is always in lowercase. Don’t get me started on the special case with Single Label Domains (SLD). First I turned to my colleague Jimmy Andersson to ask if I had missed that day in AD training on why one would do that, he could not really give me any good reason or how. So I turned back to associate that reported it from the beginning. It was a regular Windows 2012R2 installation that had done this. So I tried with a Windows 2012R2 Update installation. And low and behold.. I managed to get the NetBIOS name in lowercase.

A small powershell script to verify NetBIOS name:

Windows 2012R2 lowercase NetBIOS proof

How to do it: [Read more…]