Things get better – Remove-Item -reCURSE

Those who dont learn history are bound to repeat it. I know Remove-Item -Recurse was broken.. I know it has been fixed.. I still forget it on old systems sometimes.

If you are running Windows 2008R2 or older system and want to remove directories using powershell well Remove-Item -Recurse might sound smart but wait.. There is a little problem with that cmdlet.

Well Microsoft has fixed that with Windows 2012. ┬áBut I still sometimes need to script on older systems, its easy to forget that its broken. If I run the same command on a Windows 2012 or 2012R2 Preview I get the following: [Read more…]

Determine Outlook versions from Exchange side

Lets find out which version of Outlook our users are running prior to upgrading to Exchange 2013.

So the easy and obvious choice would be Get-LogonStatistics which has information about client and version.

[table “” not found /]

But hey what… What is that version.. Thats not office.. Whats happening..

Lets just watch a single object..

ClientMode : ExchangeServer
ClientName : testexchange
ClientVersion : 3586.0.33110.2

According to social technet it got broken with a servicepack. I have seen 3584.0.33462.0 reported. [Read more…]