Windows Colors: a Preview

So I read a blog post by The Scripting Guy that talked about Use PowerShell to Display Known Colors. I thought that’s nice.. But It would be even simpler if I could just see the colors for myself. So I made a small chart to put here. To simplify the next time I need to change background colors using registry hacks.

Bisque,FFFFE4C4,          [Read more…]

Push a solid colored background to a Windows Server 2012 or later

So I had a customer that requested that I changed the background color for all users of a RDS solution. Well that seems easy, lets start by right clicking the desktop and selecting personialize, woho. It isn’t there, by default Windows Server does not include Desktop Experience. So lets install it, just for fun. Its not needed really.

This wants to reboot so lets do that and take a coffee [Read more…]