Remove old domain from Exchange objects

Most companies have domains in their exchange that they aren’t actively using but keep for legacy reasons. One of my customers wanted to clear out an old domain from all objects since they started to get spam on those addresses. So there are to simple solutions:

  1. Remove the domain from AcceptedDomains
  2. Remove the domain from EmailAddressPolicy / All objects

They choose to go down road 2. They have very few EmailAddressPolicies we opted that they clean out the policies them self and I wrote a script to clean out the objects.

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Replace characters in Exchange [Nordic]

I have in a few smaller companies that the turn of the Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail address policy. Most reasons are really bad reasons. I have heard that we want all email addresses in lowercase or that they think Microsoft shouldn’t translate the Swedish character Ö to OE. So there is a perfectly good solution to do this using the email address policy too.

Enter replacements

you can in the beginning of the row write what characters you want to be replaced. That you want all uppercase A should be lowercase. That you want a Ö to become a regular O. So how do we do this. Using the magic of %r<In><Out>. I have my default one I use, but I needed to update that one since I got a customer request that I thought was good for the future too. My default is now as follows: [Read more…]

Clean users email addresses from old domains

So you have lots of domains in your exchange environment that you don’t use anymore. Well you remove them from the accepted domains and what do you know. They still exist on all the users. So how do we clean this up. Well I wrote a small Powershell script that does just that.

Lets start with getting all accepted domains:

And now just list all addresses that are wrong:

And now just rerun the script altered so it removes the addresses instead:

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Remove-ADUser -> Remove-ADObject

So I was spring cleaning a lot of disabled users from a customer Active Directory. After a while I noticed that I couldn’t remove all user account. Some just wouldn’t go away.

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Find who is mailing the entire internet from our Exchange 2007 or later

So my customer got banned from mailing hotmail and a few other microsoft spam protected domains. So what is the jig.

Lets start to examine the error message that we got:

Well this seems a nice error with a nice error code, so lets go to the troubleshooting page. There we find the following:

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Nested groups and dynamic distribution groups

I got the question about nested groups and dynamic distributions groups, well to make it easy. No you cant (anymore).

Ill explain it a bit more, but remember just say no.

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Determine Outlook versions from Exchange side

Lets find out which version of Outlook our users are running prior to upgrading to Exchange 2013.

So the easy and obvious choice would be Get-LogonStatistics which has information about client and version.

[table “” not found /]

But hey what… What is that version.. Thats not office.. Whats happening..

Lets just watch a single object..

ClientMode : ExchangeServer
ClientName : testexchange
ClientVersion : 3586.0.33110.2

According to social technet it got broken with a servicepack. I have seen 3584.0.33462.0 reported. [Read more…]