Hyper-V: Firmware – Load Failed

I was reinstalling one of my virtual clients, a lot. And from time to time I ran into problems. Well I want the machine to boot from ethernet, that is a easy change. Just open the properties of the virtual machine, and bump ‘Network’ on the Firmware tab.. Well.. Where is my firmware tab?
Hyper-V Settings Firmware Load Failed

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Powershell function to discover netboot GUID on Hyper-V

Earlier I needed to find the netboot GUID of machines in Hyper-V. So I wrote a small powershell snipit for that.. And since I continued to need that and I didn’t to continue running all those lines each time I did a small function. So this time I went through the code and wrote a small function that does what I need. I have published it on Script Center Galleries.

Some examples:


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Discovering the netboot GUID of virtual machines

So tonight I was playing around with deployment at home. Having tried both System Center Essentials and System Center Configuration Manager, it was time for another deployment solution. Since my company has a sister company specializing in system management software, I decided to give them a try. After installing I needed to find the netboot GUID since I didn’t really like using the mac address. So how do I get the netboot GUID of my Hyper-V virtual machines? Well powershell of course.

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