Resetting the time configuration

I was wondering why one of my domain controllers was displaying the wrong time. I had previouly configured that just the PDC should go outside the domain. So I ran w32tm /monitor, the response was not really what I hoped

For the domain controller in question I got the following lineĀ RefID: (unspecified / unsynchronized) [0x00000000]. RefID should tell where the computer got it’s time from. In this case something was wrong, so I needed to reset the configuration. [Read more…]

Special NTP GPO for the PDC

Each and every domain should be timesynced to the realworld, outside stockholm where I live. Sorry old joke from the old Swedish Comedy series.

Well all domains should have a reliable time provider, I suggest using an internet source or a GPS source. Also All domains should have a easy to understand time sync tree. I want the PDC to own the time for the domain. But since that role might move, smarts is required. I create a WMI filter and a GPO that I link into the Domain Controllers OU. Please dont move the domain controllers from there..

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