Refresh quotas

Sometimes after an administrator has done something he shouldnt have on the file server, or a server has problems resulting in the quota of a directory being wrong. Well just let rescan the directory and fix it.

Windows 2008R2 and earlier:

dirquota quota scan /Path:<pathtoDirectory>\…

Windows 2012 and later:


How to get a hold of the and quota.xml files

The FSRM stores it data in a file called quota.xml which is located at C:\System Volume Information\SRM. To get at it you need to be running as System account. So lets start.

Fire up a CMD windows as System

So now we have the XML and md files with the settings in them. In case you want to play around or move them to another server.

Migrating quotas between From Window 2012->2012R2

So my customer is migrating from Windows 2012 to Windows 2012R2 and needed to migrate  user quotas between Windows 2012 and the new Windows 2012R2 server.

So one way would be to copy the quota.xml and files but I’m not sure that Microsoft would condone or support a suggestion like that so I will go the cmdlets from Windows 2012R2.

Lets roll, Lets get all the old quotas:

Now we have all quotas of the old server. Lets just filter out the ones we want and apply them on the new location.

We still need to migrate the auto quotas. But that is simple too: