Remote Desktop IP Virtualization networking adapter

So I was setting up Remote Desktop IP Virtualization for a customer. Since Microsoft removed the TS configuration console (TSConfig.msc) with Windows 2012. How do I do the configuration now. Well one way that you could have used before to is a GPO, this also gives the benefit of that all servers will be configured the same.

So when I was configuring the GPO setting I noticed this small gotcha:

This policy setting specifies the IP address and network mask that corresponds to the network adapter used for virtual IP addresses. The IP address and network mask should be entered in Classless Inter-Domain Routing notation; for example,

So what is strange with this. Well not really strange, but could I really be forced to enter the IP of the server? No, as long as the network ID / subnet match it will work. So for the example that Microsoft provided I would have used instead.

Select the network adapter to be used for Remote Desktop IP Virtualization

In which order do you enable RDP and Firewall openings?

Yesterday I noticed something.

The number of rules concerning RDP in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security mmc differs. If you enable RDP before enabling the firewall rules, you will get two set rules per type, one for Public profile and one for Private/Domain profile. But If you enable the RDP rules when they say All and then enable RDP they one rule. Pictures inside blog.

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