A language is a language is a patch? (in Specops)

So I just had a thought. Since Specops Deploy / OS (Deploy)  is built on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). And MDT supports more than just languages, you can add patches, features and more. So why is Deploy limited to just languages, well the truth is: It’s not. You can add just about anything that you can add to MDT to Deploy. [Read more...]

Getting rid of gravatar from WordPress

Even though I had disabled Avatars completely under Settings => Discussions, my site was still loading javascrips and CSS from s.gravatar.com (secure.gravatar.com if you are using SSL). So what is up?

First of why care? Well since I have disabled avatars since I don’t need them, I don’t want my visitors to download unnecessary files. Just load your page and start your browsers developers tools (Chrome shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+I). There you should be able to see that your site is currently downloading lots of files, each file is a possible delay. I use GTMetrix sometimes just what they think of my site.

Well back to the what is happening. Without any need my site is instructing each visitor to download the following javascript and CSS files:

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Hyper-V: Firmware – Load Failed

I was reinstalling one of my virtual clients, a lot. And from time to time I ran into problems. Well I want the machine to boot from ethernet, that is a easy change. Just open the properties of the virtual machine, and bump ‘Network’ on the Firmware tab.. Well.. Where is my firmware tab?
Hyper-V Settings Firmware Load Failed

I need my firmware tab. [Read more...]

Windows Colors: a Preview

So I read a blog post by The Scripting Guy that talked about Use PowerShell to Display Known Colors. I thought that’s nice.. But It would be even simpler if I could just see the colors for myself. So I made a small chart to put here. To simplify the next time I need to change background colors using registry hacks.

Bisque,FFFFE4C4,          [Read more...]

Adding features to a Specops Deploy/OS Reference image

So as usual when it concerns Specops Deploy/OS it was a request from a customer that got me started. The customer wanted .NET 3 installed in their reference image. But that feature is no longer copied to the winsxs folder, but instead only lives on the DVD or on Windows Update. So how do we do this, DISM my world? MDT has a pretty way of doing this, we just needed to make sure we could use this in Deploy / OS. [Read more...]

Resetting the time configuration

I was wondering why one of my domain controllers was displaying the wrong time. I had previouly configured that just the PDC should go outside the domain. So I ran w32tm /monitor, the response was not really what I hoped

For the domain controller in question I got the following line RefID: (unspecified / unsynchronized) [0x00000000]. RefID should tell where the computer got it’s time from. In this case something was wrong, so I needed to reset the configuration. [Read more...]

Lazy Windows 8.1 Update patching

So you are like me. You wanna live on the edge and you have an MSDN subscription. As noticed by many Microsoft has released the Update to Windows 8.1 on MSDN. The updates will be released for all April 8.

Currently there are two zipfiles to download one for x86 and one for x64.


Both contains 6 MSU files which Microsoft recommends to install in a specific order. [Read more...]

The msi peeping tom tool ORCA

So I guess that most people working with any kind of deployment has needed to look into a msi file at some time. Microsoft has released a really basic and wonderful tool called ORCA. It will allow you to look into and edit msi files ad a really low level. So how do I download it. Well Microsoft has made it available in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8. [Read more...]

Getting the computername in Powershell

Last weekend my company and a couple of customers had an event in the Swedish village of Åre. To cut to the chase we had both speakers from Knowledge factory, TrueSec and Microsoft at the event. And during Bruce Payette‘s presentation I noticed that he used hostname instead of $env:computername as I and other use. So I talked a little with him about it, and decided to write a blog entry about it. So we discussed a couple of options mostly using $env, the .NET method and hostname.exe. I also decided to test the speed of a couple of ways. Lets start with the speeds and go from there.

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Powershelling the Kernel32 function GetComputerName

I was writing a blogpost on different ways of accessing the computer name running the script. So I thought well the old way of accessing it through Kernel32.dll should be possible. After looking through how to do it a lot I created a function that returns the computername or $Null. According to P/invoke one of the definitions of GetComputerName is as follows.

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