DFS Server registry configuration values

With a DFS server there are several configuration settings which needs to be done in the registry. This blog entry is planned to be updated when I discover the use or values.

Friendly name Value name Location Default value Possible values explanation
Server Consolidation Retry  ServerConsolidationRetry  HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfsParametersReplicated 0 0/1 Enabled the DFS consolidation root.
LogServer Consolidation LogServerConsolidation  HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfsParametersReplicated 0 0/1 Enables logging of DFS consolidation root to find system using the paths.
Sysvol Netlogon Target Failback SysvolNetlogonTargetFailback  HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfsParameters 0 0/1 Enables Sysvol & Netlogon Fallback.
DFS DNS Config  dfsdnsconfig  HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfs 0 0/1 Enables FQDN referals for domainbased DFS roots.
Sync Interval In Seconds SyncIntervalInSeconds HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfs 3600 ? Specifies how often DFS root servers and DCs should poll the PDC for changes.
DomainNameIntervalInSeconds ? ?  43200 ? How often DCs learn what DFS namespaces are available.
SiteCostedReferrals Site Costed Referrals HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesDfsParameters 0 0/1 Specified on DCs for returning out of site root servers in costorder.
LdapTimeoutValueInSeconds ? ? 30 3-300 ? Undocumented Feature
MaxClientsToCache ? ? 200000 ? Number of clients the DFS server stores the computers site.
QuerySiteCostTimeoutInSeconds ? ? 30 ? How long the DFS service should wait for a response on which site the computer is.
RootReferralTimeoutInSeconds ?  ? 900 ? How long domaincontrollers should remember root servers for a namespace.
SiteSupportIntervalInSeconds ? ? 43200 ? How long before starting to remove computer to site matching
NumWorkerThreads ? ?  ? ? ? Undocumented Feature
PreferLogonDc ? ?  blank <servername> Sets the servername at the top of the referral list
ForceReferralVersionNumber ? ?  ? ? ? Undocumented Feature
AllowableErrorsValue ? ? ? ? ? Undocumented Feature
Disable Site Awareness DfsDisableSiteAwareness HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfsParameters  0 0/1 Reduces delay in NT4 domain
Skip Resync DfsSkipResync HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDfsParameters  0 0/1 Can reduce time for import on standalone Namespace
DomainFunctionalLevelOverride ? ? ? ? Undocumented Feature
MaxSitesToCache ? ? ? ? Undocumented Feature
SiteNameLength ? ? ? ? Undocumented Feature


DFS-N: Client failback should be enabled for the Netlogon and SYSVOL folders on domain controllers

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DFS-N: The DFS Namespaces sync interval should be set to the default value of 1 hour

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  1. Gary says:

    Is this instructions for creating a consolidation namespace for windows 2012?

    • Hi.
      This instruction was written on a Windows 2012 Server. Same basic steps on older versions too. I should test it on a RTM 2012R2, but Im fairly certain it will work there as is.

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