So I just had a thought. Since Specops Deploy / OS (Deploy)  is built on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). And MDT supports more than just languages, you can add patches, features and more. So why is Deploy limited to just languages, well the truth is: It’s not. You can add just about anything that you can add to MDT to Deploy.

What do I need to do. Its the same as a language. The short version is:

  • Open the Specops Deploy OS Admin interface.
  • Under images and packages, import language package, select the directory where  you keep your patches.
  • Under Servers, Right click the image server and select Publish Deployment Repository
  • Open the Group Policy Management Console
  • Edit your installation policy
  • Under Operating system just add the patch as a Language Pack to be added. (Remember x64/x86)
  • Install a computer

The proof, well just a few screenshots.