A short story about date formats

So I was updating my script to read DNS debug logs. I had gotten some comment’s on it in the technet gallery. So I wanted to include all in the script for easier usage.

This is when I realized how many variations there are to the ShortDatePattern used in the local Cultures. Microsoft uses the local culture in the DNS debug log, big sadness. So how many cultures are there?

Okey with 428 different possible cultures I dont think I will go through them one by one. So lets just list all cultures and their ShortDatePattern. And see if we see anything

That is just the ones beginning with an A. This wont do, my eyes will hurt. Lets get Powershell to analyze this instead. I will be using the Group-Object to do the counting.

So we see that there are a few different formats. I would say that you want to allow for atleast the ones with a count above 10.

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