Adding features to a Specops Deploy/OS Reference image

So as usual when it concerns Specops Deploy/OS it was a request from a customer that got me started. The customer wanted .NET 3 installed in their reference image. But that feature is no longer copied to the winsxs folder, but instead only lives on the DVD or on Windows Update. So how do we do this, DISM my world? MDT has a pretty way of doing this, we just needed to make sure we could use this in Deploy / OS.

Special needs

So how do I know if I need access to the SXS of the install media to add the feature, or if I can skip that step. Only DisabledWithPayloadRemoved require access to the installation media. The the following powershell and it will tell you:

Feature Name : NetFx3 State: DisabledWithPayloadRemoved

Well as I said before we need access to the SXS folder so lets copy the folder.

  1. Create a share on the deployment server, lets call it OS-Files
  2. If you run a multi-site environment you might want to make it available using DFS-N.
  3. Create a folder for the OS media. I called mine Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64
  4. Copy the \Sources\SXS into a subfolder of the folder we just created
Explorer showing the directory \\specops01\OS-files\Windows_8.1_Enterprise_x64\sxs

Explorer showing the directory \\specops01\OS-files\Windows_8.1_Enterprise_x64\sxs

Modify the Deploy / OS GPO

So we need to enter into the deployment GPO what we want to happen. We currently need to enter 3 properties to make this work. So lets add them and continue.

  • SkipRoles=YES
  • OSFeatures=NetFX3
  • WindowsSource=<Path to SXS share> (for me it is, C:\OS-files\Windows_8.1_Enterprise_x64\sxs)
Showing the custom properties required to add a feature that does not exist in the image.

Showing the custom properties required to add a feature that does not exist in the image.

Add a step to the task sequence

  1. Open Deployment Workbench from the start menu
  2. MDT open Deployment Repository
    Open the deployment share located at <Specops Install location>\Deploy\DeploymentRepository dont check the box for upgrade
  3. Go to Task Sequences
  4. Deployment Workbench editing Task Sequences
    Right click the install task sequence and select properties
  5. MDT alter TS add step
    Select tatoo
  6. MDT alter TS add step

    Click Add->Roles->Install Roles and features

  7. Task sequence Install Roles and Features with requirements

    Click Options tab
    Add->If Statement->If All Conditions are True
    Add->Task Sequence variable
    Enter OSFeature and let exists continue to be selected

Do the installation

If you look close during the installation you just might happen to see the feature being installed.

MDT installing .NET 3

Happy building a better reference image.


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