So I was reading up on the AD Module filters. I found a thing, Microsoft usually says keep it simple. I found an over complex way of initializing a date variable. So what did the documentation suggest:

$date_net = new-object System.DateTime -ArgumentList @(2007,1,1,0,0,0)

Whoa.. Yes you can use .NET but if possible use Powershell cmdlets. Do we have any cmdlet we can use? Get-Date. Get-Date can be initialized with year, month and day.

$date_ps = Get-Date -Year 2007 -Month 1 -Date 1

That looks easier to read so it is better. But are they the same. And they aren’t. So what is the difference? Let’s convert it to the FileTime structure.

PS C:\> $date_ps -eq $date_net
PS C:\> $date_ps.ToFileTime()
PS C:\> $date_net.ToFileTime()

Here we see that we get a 100-nanosecond difference. I’m not really sure why. But now we know that if you want the real 12am you can’t use Get-Date. As it will add a 100ns extra. Bonus link to MSDN article for┬áDateTime Structure.