Convenience rollup KB3125574 with bonus powershell [W7 & W2K8R2]

So Microsoft has released a convenience rollup that contains loads of updates..

There are a few issues, especially one connected to vNics. So they also released a small VB Script to help remove the offending parts from the registry.
But I hate VBscript and love Powershell so I rewrote it. It went from 30 lines to 8. I know I can sqeeze it into 2 without loosing to much readability but I like it like that.

You can find information about the update at KB3125574. The download is available through the Microsoft Update Catalog (requires IE).


  1. Thank you

  2. Chris says

    I just want to say thanks, this saved me a BUNCH of time rewriting this for the recent 2008 update that broke this AGAIN.

  3. Anwar says

    FWIW, Microsoft Update Catalog no longer requires IE

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