Copying command line tools between windows machines

I needed to help diagnose a client computer and I needed the dfsutil tool, this tool is only available in the RSAT package. Usually no problems, just install it. But this time I needed to run dfsutil without installing it on the client. So I copied the executable file and tried to run it.. Well.. This is what happened:

That doesn’t look like it should. There is something missing, and no error message either. So I checked the binary from another language server, they were the same.. So the language is not in the file? Wait Windows has support for multiple languages. I’m missing the language and strings part. So where to find that part. Under the %Windir%\system32 directory there exists a en-us directory, and if I look in there I find a dfsutil.exe.mui file. When I copy that file to a directory named en-us at the same level as the .exe binary it works.


  1. Simon says


    I think you will need to copy the dfsutil.exe.MUI files that also exist in the %systemroot%\Windows\System32\language folders to make it work properly…

    Give that a try

    • virot says


      Yea, I found that out when I wrote the article, which was the point of the article. But I used the path %Windir%\system32 and was lazy saying en-us. Instead of . So more proper should have been %Windir%\system32\\.mui.

      Have a great week.

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