Getting an error while removing an DFS namespace server

I have seen a few get the following error while trying to remove obsolete DFS namespace servers. Usually the server has been removed permanently before removing the server from the DFS namespace. More than once have I seen people being a bit to smart for their own good, by removing the namespace server using ADSIedit.

How to get:

  • Permanently remove a namespace server
  • Use adsiedit to cover up the misstake by removing the namespace server in the DFS configuration
  • Get baffled by it still being in the DFS Managment console
  • Trying to remove the server the correct way


What to do:

Readd the namespace server to the DFS Configuration using ADSIedit.

Use the correct way of removing an obsolete DFS root server using the correct command:

Remove an obsolete namespace server on a Windows 2000 Server
Remove an obsolete namespace server on a Windows 2003 Server
Remove an obsolete namespace server on a Windows 2008 and newer Server


  1. Fantastic!

    I somehow ended up with a situation where I had both the Netbios and FQDN for a particular namespace server appearing in the DFS console and nothing I tried could get rid of one without breaking the other. Using the above tip worked perfectly.

    Many thanks!

  2. Couple of things here as i was dealing with this for the past week. – Really good walk through to hit all the things you should do to manually remove the DFS share. They left out the last part… – old article, but it tells you the registry locations where to look. Still worth a review.

    Lastly the final part of my solution.
    Everything had been cleared out of AD…via force removal in DFS Management, ADSIEdit, etc. Even the problem server’s registry entries for DFS had been removed.

    1. I actually had to recreate the DFS namespace registry entries on the server with the shares I was unable to get rid of. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DFS\Roots\Domain\ and create Key with name of the share/namespace. Then in that create two new strings called LogicalShare and RootShare…both should have the value of the namespace/share.

    2. Run dfsutil /clean /server: /share: /verbose.
    I didn’t use FQDN for the server name. I would think you could if you wanted to.

    3. At that point you may or may not receive an error message. I did after clearing the first namespace, but didn’t on the other namespace removal commands. That should clear out the above Keys and strings.

    4. Finally – in the registry check under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\serivces\LanmanServer\Shares and see if your namespace shares are gone. If so, You’re in good shape. Check under the \Security subkey and ensure that the shares for those namespaces are also gone. If all is clear, reboot your server. MS engineer told me you could restart the server service, but it sometimes doesn’t stop all services cleanly. The best option is a reboot.

    If the namespace values are still under the Shares key, manually delete them. Then under the \Security subkey, remove the namespace binary. Now reboot your server.

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