I was reinstalling one of my virtual clients, a lot. And from time to time I ran into problems. Well I want the machine to boot from ethernet, that is a easy change. Just open the properties of the virtual machine, and bump ‘Network’ on the Firmware tab.. Well.. Where is my firmware tab?

There was an error loading the data for this setting.

I need my firmware tab.So lets get it back. The cheating way that I usually do is just delete all the file boot entries. But how you ask, since there is no GUI options. Powershell my friends, Powershell. Lets just start with showing what the current boot order is.

(Get-VM <VMNAME>|Get-VMFirmware).BootOrder

So now we see a couple of entries, just delete the file entries. And once again we use Powershell. 22:52 2021-09-2222:52 2021-09-2222:52 2021-09-22

Get-VM <VMNAME>|Get-VMFirmware|ForEach {Set-VMFirmware -BootOrder ($_.Bootorder | ? {$_.BootType -ne 'File'}) $_}
And if we check the GUI again, I see all data.

Showing boot order.