Hyper-V: Firmware – Load Failed

I was reinstalling one of my virtual clients, a lot. And from time to time I ran into problems. Well I want the machine to boot from ethernet, that is a easy change. Just open the properties of the virtual machine, and bump ‘Network’ on the Firmware tab.. Well.. Where is my firmware tab?
Hyper-V Settings Firmware Load Failed

I need my firmware tab.So lets get it back. The cheating way that I usually do is just delete all the file boot entries. But how you ask, since there is no GUI options. Powershell my friends, Powershell. Lets just start with showing what the current boot order is.

So now we see a couple of entries, just delete the file entries. And once again we use Powershell.

And if we check the GUI again, I see all data.

Hyper-V Settings Firmware Load Working


  1. Dennis says

    perfect, solved the issue.

    I was getting this error after a veeam restore of a virtual machine, so this helped a lot!

  2. Dhanushka says

    Fantastic, worked like a charm. Many thanks.


  3. Marabunta says

    Great, This is the sollution!

  4. Jeson says

    Works! thanks for the solution

  5. Joseph says


    These cmdlets do not work for a Generation 1 virtual machine with an identical problem. Is there any alternative for Gen. 1?

    • virot says


      That seems a bit wierd. I have never seen that kind of issue with Gen 1. But sure 🙂
      Set-VMBios -VMName <VMName> -StartupOrder @('CD', 'IDE', 'LegacyNetworkAdapter', 'Floppy')

      Please remember that you NEED to have all, you cant just say IDE and nothing else.

  6. I have a Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster with Gen 1 & 2 VMs. When I view the firmware / boot order settings for Gen 2 VMs on server1, all is well. When I do the same thing for a VM on server2, all I see is boot from file. I can see or change any other boot options, no hard drive, no CD/DVD, etc. The issue is which server2 the VM is on, not which Hyper-V server is viewing the settings.

    • PowerShell shows returns the same results as the GUI. The VMs boot correctly, it doesn’t matter which server they are on. The boot settings are missing when the VM is on server2. I don’t want to remove server2 from the cluster and remove / install the Hyper-V role if I don’t have to. This is the only option people say works.


    thanks, its work


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