My best practices for sharing

These are some things I do think about when helping a customer with their shares:

Backups, The shares, Formating, Previous versions.


  • Even if using previous versions, take backups.
  • Test to restore a file here and there.
  • Check how long you need to keep the backups.
  • Dump the registry share incase of problems.

The shares

  • If you are using DFS, share at the level of the DFS links.
  • Hide the shares if you dont want users to map them.
  • If the share is not supposed to be available offline, disable offline caching under the caching button.
  • Dont complicate the share rights to much. You are using NTFS too.
  • Remember shares grow plan for it.


  • Format the drive with ≥16KB even if not using previous versions.
  • Atleast format it with 8KB anything more than 4KB disables compression.
  • When you initialize the disk use GPT you never know if might need to expand it past 2TB.
  • Name your disks. I like to be able to see which drive_server_purpose, E_FILE01_Homedrives.

Everybody loves previous versions

  • Remember to format your NTFS disk with ≥ 16KB NTFS clustersize. It is important.
  • If this is a busy fileserver place the VSS copy on another disk.
  • Talk to the endusers, when are the best times for the copies. A 24/7 might need more shadow copies.
  • If clustering remember to bring the VSS copy disk online first using cluster requirements.
  • Take extra care when playing with mountpoints.
  • Dont do it to often, if you need that level look at DPM or other solution.

Remember to read my other post Plan a structure for Homedirectories and Redirected folders.

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