Nothing lasts forever

For the last 3 years I have been employed by Knowledge Factory Consulting AB based here in Stockholm, Sweden. But nothing lasts forever, last year KF was purchased by Advania AB. Working in a small companies means that you know everyone, but working at a large company gives you an entirely different possibilities. This is change, one of my first consultant companies had an internal motto “the only constant is change”. You cannot expect things not to change.

Two months ago I turned in my letter of resignation to my boss. At the end of business today I will no longer be affiliated with Knowledge Factory or Advania. I will really miss the all the people that made up the company, what is was and what it is. There is no way I can say this without missing everyone. From some of the best technical guys in the business to the management and sales team and Lotta for making sure we got payed. I know I will run into some of you again, I’m not sure where yet though. My best guesses are Microsoft Ignite, at customers or perhaps over an after work beer.

I will continue to deliver what I do best. For inquiries please contact Toriv AB, just call me or mail [email protected]

During the coming weekend I will try to re-brand everything that I have related to the company on my blog, linkedin, twitter etc.

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