Remove-ADUser -> Remove-ADObject

So I was spring cleaning a lot of disabled users from a customer Active Directory. After a while I noticed that I couldn’t remove all user account. Some just wouldn’t go away.

So what the..
Using ADSI edit I went in looking and found that Exchange is storing its ActiveSync devices as leafs on the accounts. So then I needed a new approach.

Say bye-bye to the account 🙂


  1. You’re the man.

  2. Gamil says

    Wonderful 🙂

  3. Thank you!

  4. David says

    Thank you , it works !

  5. Thank you Sooo much, I’ve been struggling with this…

  6. Brian Boza says

    thanks it´s work for me

  7. Ran into this today – thank you for posting this. You’re code worked perfectly for us.

  8. Sugandh says

    I ran the given script and got an error message that Access is denied.

    I have domain administrator rights. Could you tell me the reason?

  9. dragonspeed says

    Handy – thanks!

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