Remove Linkedin post using Iphone

I needed to remove a status update on LinkedIn. Well since I have the LinkedIn app I thought that would be easy. Boy was I wrong. I might be missing something here, but this is the way I found works.

So lets start by opening the post and see what we can do.


So I see 3 possibilities:

  • Green – If I click there I get my profile
  • Red – Nothing happens, unless the post is a link and then you are off.
  • Blue –  Allows me share but not delete it.

So lets surf into and be done:


But wait, I asked for and but got the touch site.

I couldn’t find a way to delete the post there either.

Getting the real website


Click on the LinkedIn logo in the top left corner.

Pull the list down and select Full site

Now just delete it….


So change the scope to “Your Updates” and delete the post.

Missing a button?


In the top right corner of the post is the hidden Delete. If you press it the page will do something but not delete the post.

Press the link for a while so you get the option to open the link in a new window.



Thats how I stopped worrying and learned to dislike the touch sites.


  1. Unfortunately, on my iPhone 6 the dropdown arrow does not reveal a menu – the browser just wants to copy the element. So, this is a good post but the last step cannot be done in neither Chrone nor Safari.

  2. makes me want to drop my iphone in a toilet

  3. Thanks so much for this information. I suddenly realized that I needed to delete a comment, and the app will definitely not let you do it. But as you said, if you navigate to the full site, you can delete it thanks so much

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