Save and Restore NTFS permissions using ICACLS

So you need to make a big NTFS rights change. Well before changing anything do you have a good backup of the old permissions?
Most people will say I got a backup. But restoring the backup will take much longer than restoring just the permissions.

So how do I make a backup of the NTFS permissions?

So lets break this command up

icacls = command to run
C:\windows\ = directory/file to run the command on
/save = command to excute
AclFile = where to save the ACLs
/T  = Recurse the directory
/C  = Continue even after a single failure
/Q = Dont print information about successful files.

What if we need to restore now then?

So lets break this command up

/restore = command to excute


Well a standard problem is that you saved the acls using “icacls E:\Shares /save….” and are trying to restore using “icacls F:\Shares /restore…”. The ACL file does contain the path in the command. So in that case I would suggest changing the directory in the command Prompt so you could run the command as “icacls .” instead.


  1. No One says

    You forgot the * at the end of the folder to save


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