Voice dialing setting lost in IOS 7.1 (iPhone 5)


As Jordi pointed out in the comments. If you enable Siri, then Voice dialing option will be available. For more information see the link that Jordi sent https://discussions.apple.com/message/25141341#25141341


iPhone 5s seems to be unaffected. Also according to a comment I received the problem may just be both ways, he cant turn it on. But still its a nuisance.

*Old article*

So I have always liked being on the cutting edge in software. It helps as when my customers ask me things I have already hit that myself. But this time it hit me harder than usual.

One thing I have hated with IOS is the voice dialing and that it gets turned back after each update. But I do the regular thing and disable it. But this time things had changed.. I could no longer find it. Nor the menu where it was, well Apple had made it more accessable, Passcode lock is now placed directly under General instead of General\Settings. But instead they have removed option to disable Voice Dial.

Screen by screen of IOS 7 and 7.1. Password lock screen missing Voice dial in 7.1.

Screen by screen of IOS 7 and 7.1. Password lock screen missing Voice dial in 7.1.

This might be the final thing that forces me to leave iPhone. I have had problems with pocket calling, but disabling voice dial solves it. Without it I feel forced to switch.

I have verified with an iPhone 5S that they can disable Voice Dial.


  1. janusz says

    Hi, I have exact different problem. I’d like to enable it, but after every update i have this feature disabled. And now i have it disabled permanently. After your post i Think this is bug.

  2. Jordi says

    Have a look, there is a way to solve it: the missing option appears when you activate Siri:

  3. This is all very useless and Apple seems to be giving us the finger by not providing a simple way to turn off all voice controls – even when not using a passcode. Bye-Bye Apple!

  4. Michael says

    Just go to “Touch ID Passcode”
    Turns off easily.
    Super annoying – can’t use headphones, and it picks up audio from iPad speaker – dumb .
    Glad that the kids at Apple have really shown their boundless imagination – collapse .

    • virot says

      Today yes. 3 years ago when the article was written not so easy.
      Best Regards

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