Setting up a DFS Consolidation root

This is an simple explanation on how to setup a DFS Consolidation Root.

Microsoft has released a KB article with most of the same suggestions, I do however have some slight changes which I think is better. This is for the non clustered server.

Fast paced instructions:

  • First of all install a new Windows server.
  • Install DFS namespace without configuring any namespace
  • Set the registry Server Consolidation Retry value to 1
  • Set up the new Namespace called #oldserver
  • Add the servername oldserver as an computer alternative
  • Make sure the DNS contains entries for oldserver (ipconfig /registerdns)
  • Reboot to get new kerberos ticket

For make it easy to test on a Windows 2012 here is a Powershell:

Now just try it from another machine.

\\oldserver\sysvol show you the domain sysvol. My domain is called file.local, so just change the domain when adding the alternative name and folder targets.



  1. Erik Norling says

    Thanks, this was very helpful! It worked perfect when I run script on a Datacenter edition server.

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