Different ways of specifying Internet Explorer Zones

There are a few different ways of doing IE zone.. I dont like all though. I have listed the most common and the way I like.

 Group Policy Administrative Templates

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Internet Control Panel/Security Page
Policy: Site to Zone Assignment List

Allows you to enter different fqdn/hostname/ip and point to which zone they should be assigned.

If you do it this way your end users wont be able to change anything, even add their own bank if allowed by policy.

Group Policy Obsolete way

Before there was a way that was really bad.. It was called Internet Explorer Maintenance Extension. What it did was if you were in a GPO you could import your current setting.

Group Policy Preferences

Under Windows SettingsRegistry create a single key for each domain you want added:

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This has now create a computer default that all users will get, but still allows for users to create own mappings.

The zones are as follows

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