Removing features from a Specops Deploy/OS Reference image

So in an article I just wrote about how to add features while installing. Now we are doing it the other way around, we are removing features.

This one is even simpler than adding features. One new custom property and one new task sequence entry.

Lets start

Modifying  the deployment GPO.

Lets add a property called UninstallOSFeatures and lets for fun uninstall the Windows Media Player. To make the installation skip the questions about adding and removing features during runtime also add SkipRoles with the value of YES.


Alter Task Sequence

This bit is almost like the one where we added features.

MDT alter TS add step

Click on tattoo
Then Add->Roles->Uninstall Roles and Features

Task sequence UnInstall Roles and Features with requirements

Click Options tab
Click Add->If Statement->If All Conditions are True
Add->Task Sequence variable
Enter UninstallOSFeatures and let exists continue to be selected

Now lets install a client and see the Windows media Player getting removed during install.


After speaking with Ridwan Chowdhury of Specops Software I was informed that I had missed some parts and wrong property name in one of the screenshots. So now with correct screenshots and correct property.


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